More about Somatic Experiencing (SE)


Past emotional traumas getting in the way of today—

Many of us spend a lot of time and energy trying to “figure out” our emotional and psychological issues in order to heal. Somatic Experiencing brings our attention to the body instead of just the head, where transformative healing can take place.


Recurring physical symptoms that just won’t give—

So often, recurring or chronic physical pain is connected to something deeper. Bodywork alone often brings temporary relief because it doesn’t reach the nervous system. Somatic Experiencing gives physical access to the emotional component of discomfort in order to uncouple the physical and emotional. Here we find more space and relief.



Expanding your capacity to be in the present—

Through learning where a feeling is experienced in the body, we are able to increase our tolerance for uncomfortable feelings before yelling at somebody or sliding into depression. Getting out of our heads and into our bodies helps us be more present — our nervous system updates and resilience expands.


Being able to truly receive what you have—

Having an expanded capacity to be with what is brings greater access to pleasure and flow in our day to day lives.